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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree

July is rapidly drawing to a close. Lisa and I are enjoying some much needed time with family and friends as we transition into our next season.  We’ve only been back in the States a bit over a month now, and we’ve already seen a great many people we haven’t seen in a while. Plus, Lisa and I saw parts of the American countryside that have never visited before.

That means we have lots of photos to share!

Familiar Faces

Lisa with Cindy Pearson

In past years Lisa and I came back to Colorado at this same time of year for meetings. While we are no longer part of those meetings, it was good to reconnect with some of our friends who are. We had a nice dinner with Cindy Pearson, a classmate of ours who heads up the Charis work in Hong Kong.

Chris with Sergei Zvyagin

It was nice to attend some sessions of Andrew Wommack’s Summer Family Bible Conference this month. We connected with more folks there, including Sergei Zvyagin. Sergei and his wife Michelle attended Charis in our first year as students. Sergei coaches hockey in his native Russia and his team won the national championship last year. That’s their version of winning the Stanley Cup!

Chris and Lisa on top of the world

Lisa and I had a nice lunch meeting with Mike & Carrie Pickett, who are now in senior management above all of the Charis Bible College locations globally. We really appreciated the opportunity to report to them the good things God has done in Scotland face-to-face.

God’s Continuing Provision

Crees with Byron and Leesa Hamilton

Last month we mentioned something about God’s miraculous provision of a vehicle. As you likely know, we sold our last miracle car before we left Scotland. Lisa and I did what we know to do, and what I explain in depth in my Rejecting Mammon book. We got with God about sowing a financial seed for the harvest of a car. We put together a list of 13 things we were believing for in a car. Then we sowed the amount that God showed us into the ministry He showed us, believing for the harvest of that car. 

Lake sunset in Wisconsin

The next day we attended church at Dawn of Hope because we knew our friends Byron and Leesa Hamilton would be there, and it would be our best opportunity to connect with them. They were at the ranch for a retreat with the leadership of their church down in Texas.

During the service, Leesa was invited to the front to share something. She shared how their church has been pressing into radical giving over the past year, and about some of the work they are supporting overseas along with the fruit God is producing in response to their generosity.

Long story short, their church is giving Lisa and I a car! We just have to go down to Text next month to get it. Expect to hear more about that in our next newsletter!

Rejecting Mammon cover

Within 24 hours of sowing that particular seed, God brought the harvest in for us. That car has 10 of the 13 things on our list! Please know that God is no respecter of persons. He will do the same for you that He regularly does for Lisa and me. I know the Kingdom of God works for all who line their ways up with His Kingdom ways because a great many people have taken the material from my Rejecting Mammon book onboard and see similar results. I encourage you to press into the Kingdom of God in your finances. Once you begin to experience the Kingdom in a tangible way, it changes everything. 

Road Trip

Wisconsin lake sky

A big part of our month was taken up with a road trip to Wisconsin to see some of Lisa’s family and friends. We rented a car because we didn’t want to put a lot of miles on the car loaned to us by some friends. The rental car place was crazy busy when we went to pick up our car. They asked if it would be OK if they gave us a luxury car upgrade for the same price. “Yes, that will do just fine.”

It was a bit of a whirlwind tour as we drove over 3,000 miles and slept in 7 different beds in just 11 days.

Mary Kenyon with Chris & Lisa

Our first stop was just north of Des Moines, Iowa. There we spent the night with our good friend Mary Kenyon. She is like our spiritual mom and really ministered to Lisa and I before we went to Scotland. The many hours we spent sitting around her kitchen table during that season where the Holy Spirit and Mary ministered to our hearts greatly contributed to the success we experience in our own ministry. So it was a special treat for me to share breakfast on my birthday with Mary.

Crees and Depies

Lisa and I enjoyed three days at a wee cabin in the north of Wisconsin with Lisa’s best friend from high school, Patti Depies and her husband Tony. It’s a quiet, peaceful place with no internet. It was very good for me especially to unplug for a few days.

Calm Wisconsin lake

These were perhaps the most restful days of our trip. We had time to absorb the picturesque beauty as we watched herons stand motionless while they fished. The family of swans lived on that lake were often swimming and feeding in the shallows adjacent to the cabin. It gave us some time to reflect on how good God has been to us over the past few years.

Tubing in Wisconsin

We spent a day out their boat, enjoying the water. We all took turns “tubing,” which in this case meant riding on a bit of an inflatable mini-couch pulled behind the boat. Lisa laughed so hard it made me laugh too. 

Chris and grand niece

It was a special treat to meet Lisa’s grand-niece for the first time. We were able to enjoy some time with her brother’s family along with her nephew and his family too.

Lisa’s nephew is a police officer. The village his family lives in held a community fundraiser little festival while we were there. I had an opportunity to join in the skeet shooting (the sporting clay “pigeons”) using the old shotgun that belonged to Lisa’s father. It was the first time I had fired a weapon in over 25 years. It had been even longer than that since I did any skeet shooting. All that considered, I was well pleased to hit 22 of the 50 targets!

Chris on the firing line
Chris shooting
Crees with Pete and Kathy Gradinaru

We plotted our return course through South Dakota for two reasons. Neither of us had ever been to Mt Rushmore before. Plus, it gave us an opportunity to spend an evening with Pete and Kathy Gradinaru, who are friends from our student days at Charis. They are wonderful folks. Our time with them was far too short. We hope to get back their way when we all have more time.

God Speaks at Mount Rushmore

Crees at Mt Rushmore

We got to Mount Rushmore around mid-morning and the day was already hot. The monument is very impressive, both in its scale and when you consider the process involved in creating it. It took 400 men 14 years to dynamite and carve the 60 foot high monument. Our photos don’t really do it justice.

Mount Rushmore

As we were standing there in the hot sun, just taking in the scene, the Lord said, “Look at what can be accomplished when a big vision is pursued with powerful commitment.” We took that as an encouragement to continue to think big as we continue working through the plans for our next season.

Importance of Rest and Refreshing

Crees in the Mountains

You may be wondering what a road trip and all this stuff has to do with ministry. The reality is that we all need to rest and recharge from time to time. Unfortunately, a great many ministers don’t make time to do this and many burn out as a result.

Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Yet striving to accomplish things for Christ seems to be far more common amongst ministers than resting in His finished work instead. Perhaps that’s why major health issues and burn out are so commonplace with ministers.

Port Washington Harbor

Bouncing around the water behind a boat on an inflatable chair, driving across the countryside, or shooting at clay targets may seem frivolous. But these are the sorts of things that refresh our souls. It may very well be something different for you. Even so, it is vital for you to set aside time for some activities which do refresh your soul. 

God created us to be three-part beings — spirit, soul, and body. All three of these parts require our attention if we are to become everything God created us to be. I pray that you make some time to nourish your own soul periodically too.

Transition Perspective

Squirrel at Mt Rushmore

At the same time, God continues to bring divine connections into our lives that add more clarity to where we are heading in our next season. Lisa and I continue to meet with key folks, kick around ideas, and give God space to grow the vision He has dropped in our hearts. We are looking forward to the day soon when we can begin to share some of that vision publicly. I promise you, it’s big!

Yesterday we placed an order for nearly $3,900 in video equipment. This will enable us to get started moving towards the vision God is giving us as we begin to create more teaching videos and start back up with live streams, etc.

We will be pacing ourselves, though, because next month we need to fly to upstate NY for my grandmother’s memorial service. And then we have that trip to Texas to receive the car God has provided to us.

Wisconsin lake sunset

As I’ve mentioned before, the Third Great Awakening is already happening. There are a great many believers who are hungry to learn more about the Kingdom of God. We have a massive task ahead of us. Transition times can be challenging. Fortunately, Lisa and I know we are not going through this alone.

God is with us. In fact, He is the one who initiated this transition in the first place! We know He is positioning NewCREEations for our next role in discipling the nations into the ways of the Kingdom of God. This past Sunday two different people came up to me at church to thank me for our Daily Reflections email devotionals. Ministry is still happening even during this transition season while we are resting and refreshing.

 Lisa and I prayerfully encourage you to consider partnering with the big things God is doing through NewCREEations. There is a big green “Click to Give” button down below that links to our secure online partnership form. We also crave prayers for wisdom and even more favor as we continue to develop the vision God is giving us.



Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. As you read above, we purchased video equipment this month. This gear will get us started as we create more video based discipleship training material. There is more equipment we will need to purchase moving forward. If you haven’t already, we ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us. Thanks in advance for sowing into God’s Kingdom as we move into what is next for NewCREEations.

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